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Last updated on August 27, 2023

Many individuals procrastinate creating their estate plan until late in life for various reasons, which can result in rushed or incomplete documents. At Coogan Smith, LLP, we strive to remove barriers preventing Massachusetts residents from protecting their futures. We offer experienced and comprehensive legal advice to develop your estate plan.

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An estate plan can consist of several documents and tools, in any combination, including:

  • A will – a document detailing your wishes for how your property should be distributed and how your affairs should be managed after your death
  • A living will – a document providing details about your medical care should you become unable to express your wishes
  • A health care proxy – an agreement giving an individual the legal power to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated
  • Trusts – a legal transfer of property to a trustee for the purposes of distribution after death
  • A durable power of attorney – an agreement designating an individual to manage your financial affairs should you become unable to manage them on your own

Many of these documents, such as living wills and health care proxies, work in tandem to cover most contingencies you and your family may face. Just as your estate differs from those of your friends and neighbors, your estate plan will differ as well.

At Coogan Smith, LLP, we sit down with each of our clients individually to achieve a clear understanding of their estate planning goals and the composition of their estate. Based on the information we discover in the consultation, our attorneys work with you to create an estate plan unlike anyone else’s and custom-built for your needs. As you craft your plan, our attorneys can advise you to optimize your documents for tax planning and asset protection.

As experienced probate and estate administration attorneys, as well, we understand the common pitfalls that complicate the administration process. As we help you plan for your future, we can identify areas of your estate plan that may make administration more difficult for your loved ones and help you address those potentially vexing issues.

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Our detailed approach to estate planning has been crafted over decades of service in Massachusetts. Allow us to guide you through the process and put together a plan that works best for you. Call our Attleboro office at 508-222-0002, or contact us online to schedule your exploratory consultation.