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Immigration & Naturalization

At Coogan Smith, LLP, we distinguish ourselves in this area of law by carefully researching various immigration options, devising successful strategies and facilitating effective communication and individualized attention to our clients and their needs.

We handle family-based immigration which includes marriage cases, fiancé petitions and filings for children, parents and siblings from the initial submission through the approval of adjustment of status in the U.S. or immigrant visa application approval for consular processing abroad resulting in immigrant/Lawful Permanent Resident status (“green card”).

Our firm works with employers and individuals on employment-based immigration cases. This includes labor certification (PERM), Special Handling for colleges/universities, Schedule A and the entire process resulting in LPR (“green card“) status.

In the nonimmigrant category, Coogan Smith, LLP handles a wide range of petitions which include H-1B, L, E-2, O and P cases. We have achieved great results in facilitating employment in the U.S. and then transitioning to Lawful Permanent Resident status.

Lastly, our firm handles naturalization cases resulting in clients becoming U.S. citizens.

In sum, we pride ourselves on our hard work, attention to detail, many years of experience and successful outcomes.