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Frequently Asked Questions: Elder Law

Does Medicaid consider my income?

Yes, Medicaid does consider your income. A single person will be allowed to keep $72.80 per month to cover their personal needs, which is everything from getting a haircut to buying a newspaper, paying for cable TV or purchasing clothing. If the individual has a Medicare Supplemental Health Policy, that individual will be able to retain enough funds to keep that policy in effect each month. The remainder is paid to the nursing home as the “patient paid amount.” If that individual is otherwise qualified for Medicaid, the state government will pay the balance of the monthly nursing home costs. If the institutionalized person has a spouse, the spouse gets to keep all of his or her income, and may, if he or she falls beneath the monthly minimum needs amount established by the state government, the community spouse may, in those circumstances, get to keep a portion of the institutionalized spouse’s income to bridge that gap to the minimum monthly needs amount.

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